2nd WPPA Conference 2017

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Complexity: Towards a new measure of societal well-being
Daniel T. Gruner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; Claremont Graduate University

Corporate Wellness
Annie Arcuri

Facial expressions and empathy: Acute stressful situations facilitate empathic response.
Brendan Everett, Jared Celniker, Neveen Jonathan, and Shari Young Kuchenbecker; Chapman University

Creating the Aesthetic Experience Questionnaire: The relationship between viewing art and well-being
Dana L. Wanzer, MA and Kelsey A. Procter, MA

Gratitude in the 21st Century: An Experimental Examination of Gratitude Expressions on Facebook and Resultant Subjective Well-Being
Ericka Goerling, Ph. D

Positive Health Psychology in Action: An Elevating Adventure

Jason T. Siegal; Claremont Graduate University

Moon Shots for Positive Organizational Psychology
Jeffrey Yip, Ph. D; Claremont Graduate University

Applying Research to Help Youth Discover their Purpose in Life
Kendall Cotton Bronk; Adolescent Moral Development Lab

The Optimum Dimensions Structure of Chinese University Teachers’ Professional Psychological Capital
Li Li; Department of Education in Nanchang University, Jiangxi Province, China

Association Between Self-Compassion, Social Support, and Emotional Empathy
Mernyll Manalo, David Gerhartz, Tracy Vallejo, Diane Phfaler, Ph. D; California State University, San Bernardino; Crafton Hills College

Awareness & Compassion: Pathway to Authentic Warriorship, Trust & Legitimacy
Richard Goerling, MBA CMF; Mindful Badge Initiative

Purpose in Life in Social Media: An Analysis of Facebook and Twitter References to Purpose
Ryan Cheuk Ming Cheung, Sam Mehoke, Kendall Cotton Bronk; Claremont Graduate University

Getting Some R&R: The “Resilience and Reconnection” Group Intervention as a Positive Psychology Approach to Stress Management
Shelly P. Harrell, Ranya Alnatour, Joshua Buch, Lily Rowland, Tamara Rumburg, Hank Skulstad, & Jessica Styles; Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Positive Youth Development in Action Evaluating Afterschool Programs from a Strengths-Based Perspective
Tiffany Berry, Ph. D; Claremont Evaluation Center, Claremont Graduate University

Modeling Dynamics and Predictors of Daily Changes in Psychological Well-Being
Zita Oravecz; Penn State, Quantitative Developmental Systems Methodology Core Western Positive Psychology

1st WPPA Conference 2014


WPPA 2014 Re-Visioning Strengths and Virtues
Shelly P. Harrell, Ph.D., Pepperdine University      

Do You Quit? Resilience in First-Generation College Students.
Adriana Ariza, Connie Shears Ph. D; Chapman University

Breaking Good: Bringing Positive Psychology to the Land of Enchantment
Bruce W. Smith, Daniel Astorga, Aimee Lynn Stearns & Tiffany Miner; University of New Mexico

The Pursuit of Harmony: Exploring Emotional Well-being in Chinese Culture
Chunchen Xu

A Memory Based Positive Psychology Activity Intervention
David R. Gerkens, Ruben Barajas, Joshua I. Pando, Vienna Brambila, Lidia Orozco, Erin Crecilius, Christopher J. Mayfield & Alic Berdin; California State University, Fullerton

Positive Intervention at Work: A Longitudinal Pilot Study of Intentional Compassionate Acts of Kindness (ICAK) on Employee Engagement in Service Employees
Emma Rose R. Eremiyski, MBA, MS Maritza Salazar, Ph. D, Heejin Kim, MA; Claremont Graduate University

Meaning at Work and Work Engagement: A Meta Analysis
Heejin Kim, Maritza Salazar

A Matter of Perspective: Taking Culture into Account in Positive Psychology
Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti, Ph. D; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Barnum Effect Analyzed in Relational Contexts to Priming and Self-esteem
Sean A. Page, Alic Berdin, Sirena M. Ibrahim

Pathways to Hope: An Innovative Approach to Fostering Hopeful Thinking
Tiffany A. Miner; University of New Mexico

Mindful Eating and Mental Well-Being in Karachi, A Metropolitan City
Zaynah Khan, Zainab F. Zadeh